History of MWENDO

Everything began four years ago when Stefano Francese, Francesca Tel and Donata Annovi went to Wasa, Region of Iringa (Tanzania), as volunteers for “AFRICA OGGI” association. They helped building a new church in Igomini village, not so far from Wasa. In Wasa, where they were given hospitality, they met for the first time Francesco Msofu, who is the Father of the Mission based in Wasa. Since then a strong relationship based on trust and regard tied them to Father Francesco. When they left Wasa, they promised to Father Francesco that they would have continued someway to help people living in Wasa from Milan.

Almost two years later, on 23th DECEMBER 2006 Stefano Francese, Francesca Tel, Luca Turati, Donata Annovi, and Lorenzo Dottorini established in Milan (Italy) a voluntary association called “MWENDO-CAMMINO INSIEME” which set up the main goals to create a direct way of financing for projects in Wasa (in the future other needy villages will be targeted as well), and help needy people in Milan. MWENDO is a Swahili word meaning “walking together”, because it well represents the spirit of collaboration between us and African people living in Wasa: it is a route we build and walk together. In 2007 the board of director slightly changed: Dottorini left the association, while Francesca Biraghi and Dario Dilucia La Perna joined the board of directors. In 2012 4 more members joined the association: Elena Cioccarelli, Paolo De Martino, Daniele Cane and Stefano Savazzi. In 2013, Elena Cioccarelli, Francesca Tel and Luca Turati left the association. The existing members of the Board are Stefano Francese, Donata Annovi, Dario Dilucia La Perna, Francesca Biraghi, Daniele Canè, Paolo De Martino and Stefano Savazzi.

Since December 2007 MWENDO send to donors, members, and whoever is interested, a newsletter on two-monthly basis. It includes three, four articles about undergoing projects in Tanzania, news from Wasa and IRINGA region, fund raising activities, and press review related to international cooperation, voluntary associations, and news from needy world. Here below the cover of the last number of the newsletter called “Il giornale di MWENDO”. Graphics is performed by Mario Celotti who is one of the member, and volunteer of MWENDO.

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