The voluntary association MWENDO was born in Milan in December 23rd, 2006 following a voluntary summer camp in the village of Wasa,Tanzania.

The name of the association comes from the phrase “pole pole ‘NDIO mwendo” which in the local language – the Kiswahili – means “we will make the journey slowly together”

Wasa is located in the district of Iringa, in the heart of rural Tanzania. Here MWENDO organization is currently funding projects in health care and programs of long-distance support of needy children.

In addition, MWENDO looks at volunteer activities in Milan, to support the most vulnerable and deprived people of the city.

To date, the Board of Directors of the Association is organized as follows:

  • Stefano Francese, President
  • Dario Dilucia La Perna, Vice president
  • Donata Annovi, member of the Board
  • Francesca Biraghi, member of the Board
  • Paolo De Martino, member of the Board
  • Daniele Canè, member of the Board
  • Stefano Savazzi, member of the Board

News and Links

The long-term objective of Mwendo is the development of an Health Center at the “kata” of Wasa, Tanzania. Discover more about this project – click HEALTH MEDICAL CENTER

Discover more about our Association – click MWENDO Association

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